Dory Trimble
Business Development Manager


Dory was born and raised in Salt Lake City. She spent her childhood in the slot canyons of Southern Utah and on the slopes of the Wasatch mountains. She left Utah in 2006 to complete a BA in English at Ohio’s Oberlin College and since then has lived and worked across the US and abroad. She’s taught outdoor education courses and managed migrant farmworker health programs in rural Appalachia, and she served as a human rights educator with the Peace Corps for two and a half years in the Dominican Republic. More recently, she's worked in Utah as a service designer and care innovator for a local hospital system, and currently spends her time as a freelance writer.

An experienced traveller and global snack food connoisseur, Dory has spent time in Belize, Honduras, Ecuador, Mexico, Cuba, South Korea, and Vietnam.  An avid hiker, climber, and explorer, Dory is passionate about wilderness medical education as a tool for building ethical and self-sufficient backcountry communities.

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Oberlin College - English - B.A. 


Wilderness First Responder


Haitian Creole