Mountain Education & Development LLC (MED) is dedicated to creating a community of educators, leaders, and outdoor enthusiasts who are committed to increasing the professionalism of the outdoor industry. We believe that outdoor recreation can provide some of the most meaningful educational experiences, and that these opportunities should be made accessible to anyone who wishes to learn more. With the use of an engaging and knowledgeable instructor team, cutting-edge technology, and customizable technical, medical, and risk management programs, MED is able to create experiences that are highly educational and rewarding for its clients.

Technical Instruction.
Outdoor Education.
 Single Day Clinics & Multi-Day Courses.
Guided Recreation.
Custom Program Planning.

Remote First Response
Medical Education.
Wilderness Medicine Courses.
Emergency Medical Service Planning & Evaluation.

Corporate, Non-Profit & Small Business Consultation.
Emergency Action Plans & Protocols.
Critical Incident Response.




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