Kyle Blase, B.S.
Senior Instructor

About Kyle

Kyle Blase spent the first chapter of his life in the sprawling suburbia of Ohio. The longing for mountains and his passion for snowboarding brought him out to the great land they call Utah. He attended the University of Utah where he received a B.S. in Environmental & Sustainability Studies and a B.S. in Parks, Recreation, & Tourism.

Through the medium of snowboarding, climbing, and surfing he has been thrust into some of the Earth’s most wild and beautiful places. He values these pursuits not only for what they can show us about the world outside, but also for what they can show us about ourselves. He feels at home on the side of a granite monolith or in the white room on a stormy winter day. This lifestyle has led him to undertake a serious yoga practice. He is a yoga instructor and shares his passion for this practice with others as much as possible. Kyle actively explores the wild places and beautiful cultures of the world and is grateful for all of the amazing opportunities in his life.


University of Utah - Environmental & Sustainability Studies - B.S.
University of Utah - Parks Recreation, & Tourism - B.S.


AMGA Assistant Rock Guide
Avalanche Level 2
Wilderness First Responder