The recreation and education industry is diverse and broad. It involves many different activities, pursuits and opportunities. Each of the differing components involve some level of risk. Management of this risk is complex and often overwhelming. Affiliated companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations and individuals all have their own assessment and management needs specific to the risk that they encounter. 

We understand first hand how complex risk management can be. Our programs, courses and services take us around the world and involve consistently changing conditions and terrain. We interact with and adapt to the needs of diverse populations. Our travels are often remote and our communication limited.

Personalized risk management consultation is limited in the recreation and education industry.

We strive to change the norm by thoroughly interacting with our clients and partners. Our process starts with the establishment of an initial foundation. We review your current operations and complete a needs assessment. We then jointly agree on the best direction based on your needs. This may involve multiple layers of program planning that are personalized and customized. The relationship further extends with ongoing evaluation and shared communication.

 to discuss consultation opportunities for you and/or your organization:

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