The MED Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Course makes use of lecture and practical-based learning both in and outside of the classroom. The concepts and skills taught in this course prepare the student to recognize and manage a diverse range of injuries and illnesses associated with recreation in the wilderness. Beginning with patient assessment, this course helps establish a foundation for students to make informed decisions during emergency situations.

Upon fulfillment of all course requirements, the student is presented with a Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification valid for two years. This course may also be taken to satisfy the requirements associated with recertification of a MED Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course.



Our wilderness medicine course series meet curriculum standards and contact hours accepted among fellow industry providers for recognition and in some cases (course specific) reciprocity for recertification. Similarly, we recognize training and certification provided by these providers.

We encourage students to relate the below information when considering a course with us or another provider.

Our Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course involves a minimum of 16 hours of contact time. No exam is associated with this course. After successful completion of the course components, a student is granted a 2 year certification. No recertification course exists for this training. Instead, a student can participate in a new Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course and gain further certification.