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MED Remote Medicine partners with a variety of organizations globally to offer private custom remote medicine courses. These courses are often arranged specifically for employees, volunteers, club members, etc. involved with the associated organization. Special care and considerations for the organization and their type of environment, work, and community are also taken to ensure that our remote medicine course is as relevant as it can be for the specific population we’re serving. With these considerations in mind, many of these courses are closed to the general public, or “closed enrollment,” so that we may focus all of our energy into providing the best course possible for a specific group.


If you’ve seen a closed enrollment course listed on our schedule, it is because we have been contracted to provide a remote medicine course for a specific organization with their own population of students. In some circumstances, it may be possible to receive permission from the host organization to participate in a closed enrollment course. To pursue this option, "Request a Course" and tell us that you’re interested in signing up for one of these courses.




If you would like to book a closed enrollment course for your organization, or if you just don’t see a course listed on our schedule that fits your need, request a course today and one of our team members will be happy to assist you!

Find upcoming courses near you.

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