The outdoor recreation, travel and tourism industries all present a unique and diverse range of activities that involve varying degrees of risk. Regardless of if these risks involve scaling 6,000 meter peaks, rafting big open water, or taking young students to a developing country, the management of these risks can often be complex and overwhelming, even for the most experienced operators. At MED Risk Management, we recognize that businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations and individuals each have their own assessment and management needs that are specific to the risks they encounter.


The MED Alliance and MED Risk Management understands first hand how complex risk management can be. Our programs, courses and services take us around the world and involve constantly changing environments and complex terrain. We interact with and adapt to the needs of diverse populations. Our travels are often remote and communication tools limited.


MED Risk Management offers a wide range of customizable services to best suit you or your organization’s needs. Our consultation process starts by first establishing a strong understanding of your organization and the risk involved in the activities you facilitate. We then submit a detailed questionnaire that reviews information regarding your organizational structure, operations plans, and categories of risk management that currently exist within the organization (e.g. client care, equipment management, insurance, certifications & trainings, etc.). Upon completion of this questionnaire by the organization, our experts at MED Risk Management will conduct and unbiased third party review of your information, compare it with like-industry standards, and submit a needs assessment and recommendations report back to your organization. We then jointly agree on the best direction forward based on your needs. This may involve multiple layers of program planning that is personalized to your organization. Our involvement can then extend with ongoing evaluation and communication as needed.

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