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At MED Remote Medicine, we believe in creating educational experiences that are meaningful, empowering, and relatable for each student who joins us. Our instructors are talented educators and facilitators, but where they really shine is in the meaningful connections they make with their students. We're committed to maintaining small class sizes and low student to instructor ratios, and we take the time to really understand each student's goals, strengths, and weaknesses. When designing and presenting our curriculum, we strive to incorporate all learning styles with a strong mixture of hands on practice, visuals, discussion, instructor presentations and feedback.


MED Remote Medicine works to contribute to the professionalism of the remote medicine world by hiring instructors and administrators with high levels of academic, business, and complex international travel experience-- as well as impressive emergency response and outdoor resumes.


While we always enjoy the opportunity to teach throughout the United States, MED Remote Medicine is fully equipped to teach internationally, and has led successful remote medicine programs in places as widespread as Kenya, Tanzania, Nicaragua, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, Nepal, and Iceland. With all this travel comes a high degree of experience in complex logistics, cultural sensitivity, and flexibility with our course content and teaching styles.


MED Remote Medicine is ready to design custom wilderness medicine programming that meet your organization, business, or student group's unique needs. Have questions? Contact us today, and we can start a conversation about building out a custom program for you or your organization!

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